Agile Coaching


Agile Coaching

This certification focuses primarily on the mindset, roles, and responsibilities of an Agile Coach.

Upon being certified, the participants will be able to differentiate between mentoring, coaching, facilitation and teaching. They will be introduced to foundational team coaching skills and team development concepts for starting and growing teams plus creating adaptive teams while focusing on teams and organizations as human systems.


Aspiring agile coaches or coaches who are already providing agile coaching with a passion for servant leadership and a desire to learn and practice facilitation, professional coaching, mentoring, and teaching Agile teams.
Other relevant roles include ScrumMasters, Agile Project Managers, Agile Delivery Managers, Agile Product Owners.

Benefits for the participant of the training

After attending and passing this course, the participants will be able to understand the mindset and role of the Agile Coach in order to coach, facilitate, mentor and teach and agile team. The participants will also be able to explore the value that effective professional coaching can bring to a team. And to understand how mentoring and coaching are different but complementary.

Participants will be able to gain an understanding as to how to coach teams in starting up agile activities based on existing team and individual preferences. Plus building on the knowledge and skills gained in the Certified ICAgile Fundamentals course as well as the ICAgile Accredited Facilitation course.

  • Introduction
  • The mindset and role of the Agile Coach
  • Coaching and communicating effectively
  • Mentoring and Coaching People
  • Starting up Agile teams
  • Growing and developing teams
  • Creating Adaptive Teams
  • Q&A, Feedback and Informal Chat

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